Eva Longoria Caught Up in Hollywood Car Accident

Desperate Housewives Hollywood Star Eva Longoria was caught in a car accident last October 20, at around 7:00 in the evening at West Hollywood Street.

According to Los Angeles police reports, Hollywood star Eva Longoria was leaving the salon of the celebrity stylist Ken Paves along the busy street of Robertson Boulevard with a friend in her Ranger Rover when the accident happened. Investigation shows that another driver of a Ford Taurus did an unmindful left turn into the parking lot which caused him to hit the actress’ vehicle.

The driver and the actress were not seriously hurt. They both sustained minor injuries but nobody got hospitalized. Eva complained of pain but she insisted on attending a T-mobile launch party for the new sidekick mobile phone just a few hours after the incident. According to witnesses Eva left the accident scene shaken.

Eva Longoria is a very professional Hollywood actress that despite the accident and the pain and trauma brought about by the said car accident, she still managed to attend to her duties as a Hollywood celebrity. Hopefully, every Hollywood actress we admire is as professional as Eva.

The next day after the incident, Eva tweeted, “thanks everyone for your concern. I was in a small accident last night, I am just really sore everywhere but thank God nothing more! Drive safe!”.

At present, no words yet have been coming from the Hollywood actress’ representatives.

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