Drunk Females Crash Into Glee’s Lea Michele’s Car

Actress Lea Michele from the hit TV series GLEE was recently involved in a hit and run accident in Los Angeles after a vehicle full of drunken fans allegedly struck her car.

Michele, who was also involved in an car accident prior to her audition to GLEE, was on her way home from a taping when she was struck by another car on Melrose Avenue.

The actress reported that drunk girls were inside the vehicle and allegedly, they even got out of the car and recognized her and even said, “Are you drunk too?” before driving off the scene of the accident.

Fortunately, Michele had the presence of mind despite the ungodly hour to write down the license plate of the car that hit her and notify the police.

Glee fans would also be delighted to know that the incomparable Rachel Berry was not injured in the crash.

Under the law, in the event of a collision or a car accident, drivers have to stop at the scene of the accident, especially if they injure another motorist or cause property damage. Otherwise, even if the damage or injury is minimal and even if the collision was truly accidental, the driver may face greater liability and heavier charges such as a hit and run misdemeanor.

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