Double DUI: David Cassidy and Gary Collins

On two separate occasions, former teen idol David Cassidy and former Miss America pageant and “Hour Magazine” host Gary Collins were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Collins, who is no stranger to traffic arrests is now currently under investigation for hit-and-run accident in Jackson, Mississippi after allegedly crashing into, and hurting a woman and her child. The female driver claimed that the TV host appeared to be intoxicated when he got out of his car and when she allegedly told him that the police were on their way, he hurriedly left the scene of the accident.

This most recent arrest is just one of the many alcohol-related accidents Collins has been involved in over the years. He previously served 4 days in jail after a DUI crash killed a man and was arrested for DUI 3 times over the last 10 years.

David Cassidy on the other hand, was arrested for DUI when his erratic driving on the Florida highway was spotted by the police. The 60-year old singer-actor was reportedly weaving in and out of traffic and when he was pulled over, he failed sobriety tests and blew a .14 percent on an alcohol breath test.

The former teen heartthrob was apologetic for his arrest and claimed that he only had a glass of wine during lunch and that he took pain medication, a hydrocodone pill also known as Vicodin a few hours before driving.

The authorities however found a half-empty bourbon bottle under the seat of his Mercedes.


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