Disney Darling Demi Lovato In Fatigue-related Car Accident

Recently, Disney darling and Joe Jonas’ significant other, Demi Lovato was reportedly involved in a car accident in Los Angeles.

The 17-year old star immediately took to Twitter the details of her accident and assured fans that she’s fine and fortunately, unhurt from the accident.


“Demi Lovato involved in a car accident due to drowsy driving.” (photo credit: demicentral.com)

Allegedly, Demi was drowsy when she got behind the wheel early yesterday morning and ended up crashing her car. She sheepishly admitted on Twitter that she was feeling sleepy when she drove that morning.

No other vehicle was reportedly involved in the accident.

Drowsy driving is a condition a lot of drivers experience, especially if they’re tired or sleep-deprived. In a 2009 survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, as much as 105 million Americans admitted to drowsy driving at least once last year and 54 million claimed to do so regularly.

Drowsy or fatigued driving is dangerous since this is also a form of impaired driving and a sleepy or tired person’s reaction time and motor skills is quite comparable to a drunk driver’s.

Thus, even if you’re a good driver, when you feel drowsy or fatigued, let someone else drive or take a break. Because apparently, even a Disney princess like Demi can get into a car crash, what more you?


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