Dennis Rodman Escapes Unhurt From SUV Crash

Good thing Dennis Rodman was able to “worm” his way out of a rollover crash with just a scratch on his finger!

Over the weekend, the 49-year old former NBA star was involved in a single-vehicle accident in Florida. According to the authorities, Rodman was one of the passengers in a green Land Rover SUV which was driving on Interstate 95 near Fort Lauderdale when it crashed due to a blown tire.

It was reported that the SUV rolled over three times. While Rodman had to be pulled out from the vehicle, he and the other passenger emerged uninjured. The driver however, was taken to the hospital because he suffered head injuries.

The Florida Highway Patrol will not be pressing any charges as it appears that the accident was caused by tire problems and not due to the fault of the driver.

Rodman, a defensive legend as well as an action star in a movie with Jean Claude Vann Damme proves that after this real-life crash, Dennis “The Worm” Rodman is a real tough guy.


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