Dekker Brings Terminator Character to Life

Just like his “John Connor” character in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Thomas Dekker was the main protagonist in the life story of a 17-year-old biker.

Dekker who was allegedly drunk hit the victim. The teen biker was ejected from his bike and fell onto the street.

After the incident, Dekker was arrested and brought to Van Nuys jail where he was released under a $100,000.00 bail.

Dekker’s counsel claimed that the blamed should be put on the biker for riding on the sidewalk.

Celebrities are often involved in drunken driving incidents. This is because alcoholic drinks are always on hand due to frequent Hollywood parties. Moreover, their celebrity status draws a considerable media attention that any trouble with the law will cause such a media frenzy.

Well, that’s the price they have to pay for being in the limelight.


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