David Rainey from MTV’s Real World Arrested for DUI

Former reality TV star/villain, David Rainey AKA Puck is facing charges of driving under the influence (DUI), driving without a license and child endangerment after a solo rollover car crash in California.


"David 'Puck' Rainey arrested for DUI." (photo credit: realitytvhallofshame.com)

Rainey, who is still in the hospital after getting seriously injured, allegedly lost control of his car and flipped it en route to a fishing expedition with his 8-year old son in San Diego. His son, who suffered minor injuries in the crash, managed to free himself from the wreck and ask for help from a passerby.

His son has been back in the custody of Rainey’s wife and authorities will have to wait for the TV reality star to get better as he has to receive surgery on his neck and throat.

The California Highway Patrol claims that there is evidence that alcohol was involved in the crash.


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