Dallas Cowboy’s Linebacker Killed in a Weekend Car Accident

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Just a few days after the 49ers’ back up defensive end have been arrested over a solo car crash, the Dallas Cowboy’s linebacker was subsequently reported to have been killed in a another single car accident last weekend.

According to reports, the Dallas Cowboys’ linebacker, Jerry Brown was killed following a weekend car accident in Arlington, Texas.

Initial investigation revealed that Brown was traveling at a rate of speed higher than the legal limit in the area with his team mate, Josh Brent. Apparently, Josh was driving the Mercedes Benz when it struck the outside curb then flipped over land and landed in the middle of the road.

When the police arrived at the scene, Brent was trying to pull Brown out of the vehicle that was already on fire. Authorities were able to extinguish the fire in a short while since it is not yet that big at that moment.

Police reports noted that Brown was unconscious when paramedics transported him to a local hospital wherein he was pronounced dead, while Brent only incurred minor injuries. Subsequently, Brent was given with a sobriety test which failed to pass and then transported to a hospital as well for a blood-alcohol content level test.

Consequently, Brent was booked to the Irving City Jail on second degree felony charges. At present, the incident remains under investigation.

In a statement released by the Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones, he expressed his sympathy to Brown’s family and friends on behalf of the team. Incidentally, Brown was the second NFL player to die in a week. It could be remembered that it was only last week when Kansas City’s Jovan Belcher committed suicide after killing his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, talking about felony charges, a car accident attorney in Los Angeles noted that intoxicated manslaughter falls under criminal case. Unfortunately, felony is a serious crime or offense which is punishable by one year and onwards of imprisonment.

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