Chris Brown’s Nasty Car Crash Ends His Rough Week of Serious Trouble

Image gives credit to Splash News Online.

After a series of some serious troubles last week, Chris Brown ended his week with another blow, totaling his fancy car.

In a police report obtained by media sources, it claimed that the R&B singer was involved in a single car crash in 600 Block Bedford Drive / Camden Drive Alley as he was on his way to a charity event. He was said to be alone in his Porsche when the incident occurred. The report further stated that Brown blamed the paparazzi who were pursuing him.

Meanwhile, in a statement released by a representative from Brown’s party, it stated that two vehicles abruptly cut off the singer’s car. Subsequently, the paparazzi aggressively jumped off from their vehicles with cameras and approached his car. In an attempt to avoid the paparazzi, Brown began to back down an alley wherein he was unfortunately cut off by another two vehicles. As a result, Brown’s car was totaled; fortunately for him, he was unharmed.

On the other hand, the paparazzi who were present at the scene when the police arrived denied Brown’s allegations that they caused the accident. The paparazzi even called the singer’s statement as BS, according to reports.

Nevertheless, further news reports claimed that Brown considers filing a lawsuit following the incident.

Last week, Brown was baffled with a series of legal battles after the Los Angeles County District Attorney had filed legal documents claiming that the singer violated his probation in connection with his case involving Rihanna’s beating by submitting fake community service records. Also, it was last week when the singer’s brawl with Frank Ocean took center stage, which could probably hurt his probation issues as well.

Incidentally, following Brown’s car crash, a Los Angeles accident lawyer speculated that the said incident will most probably renew the call for a comprehensive law for paparazzi rules. For years, the same issue has been repeatedly brought up by many celebrities who have been victims of wild car chases caused by paparazzi. However, corresponding actions are yet to be made despite the number of serious injuries and deaths that had occurred in the past few years.


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