Brandy’s Phone Drama

“It was a situation that changed my life forever.” This was the line R&B Songstress, Brandy Norwood, said when asked about the car accident she got into that killed a mother of two and injured another.

The LAPD did not make a charge as there was no sufficient evidence to suggest vehicular manslaughter. However, the husband of the deceased filed a case against Brandy after refusing a $1.2 settlement in February.

Fast forward to October 2009 or nearly three years after the fatal crash, Brandy was seen talking on a handheld cell phone while driving around Los Angeles. If she gets into another accident this time, penalty is stiffer and criminal charges would surely be filed.

Haven’t she heard of the law prohibiting the use of handheld cell phone while driving? I bet Brandy is not talking to Marie Shiver, who would surely suggest hiring a driver just like what she did after videotaped her talking on a handheld phone while driving not once but thrice.


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