Bobbi Kristina in another Car Crash

CamaroJust a few days after her father, Bobby Brown, was reportedly involved in a DUI arrest, Bobbi Kristina got into some crazy expensive car crash again.

Recent news reports claimed that the late Whitney Houston’s only child was again involved in a car crash last November 5.

Accordingly, the incident happened at the garage of their apartment complex in Georgia. It is the same place where her boyfriend, Nick Gordon’s Camaro was found half totaled by police last September.

Sources close to the couple again told news reports that the 19-year-old reality TV personality had followed her boyfriend’s car back to their apartment that night. Unfortunately, as she was parking her car next to Gordon’s Camaro, she messed up the maneuver and smashed her boyfriend’s brand new Camaro.

As a result of which, the front portion of Gordon’s sports car was severely damaged. Photos of the couple’s damaged cars were posted at TMZ’s official web page.

Nevertheless, although Bobbi Kristina did not directly admit the incident, she posted a suspicious phrase on her Twitter account which was quoted below:

“Some great days can turn sour quick. Take advantage of your happiness. (: Xxxo (sic)”

Incidentally, unlike her father, Bobby, the said incident involving Bobbi Kristina was not linked to alcohol or drugs. However, American Idol judge Mariah Carey was a bit worried about her late singer-friend’s only daughter. Allegedly, Mariah and Bobbi Kristina just had a heart to heart talk as regards the latter’s behavior, which seems like going down the same destructive path as her late mom.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles car accident attorney is quite glad that the young woman has someone like Mariah to guide her through the right path. Also, he wishes Bobbi Kristina a good luck as well for her previously announced engagement with her boyfriend.



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