Bicyclist Injured in Collision with Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander, the actor who played Seinfeld’s neurotic George Constanza (who is arguably one of the best TV sidekicks ever), was involved in an accident with a bicyclist in Los Angeles.

Jason Alexander

“Jason Alexander was involved in a bicycle accident in Los Angeles.” (photo credit:

The collision, which occurred on Wilshire Boulevard, happened early Tuesday morning. The actor allegedly struck a 14-year old bicyclist who was on his way to school.

According to the police, the teen suffered minor injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Jason Alexander reportedly stayed at the scene of the accident until the authorities arrived along with the ambulance.

Although Alexander was not cited or charged with anything, the police are still investigating the cause of the crash.

His publicist released a statement that Alexander fully accepts responsibility for the accident and was glad that the boy was not seriously injured.

Fortunately, the accident was minor as statistics have shown that majority of vehicle and bicycle collisions tend to be serious, if not fatal. While riding a bicycle may be good for your health and environmentally-friendly, it also affords very little protection to its riders and can be dangerous in case of a crash.


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