Beyonce Knowles Escapes Injury in London Car Accident

Grammy-winning RnB sensation Beyonce Knowles had a close call with serious physical injury after a car accident in London recently.

Beyonce was with her husband, music producer and rapper Jay-Z when she decided to drop by in Harrods, a popular store in London before grabbing a bite.

Beyonce Knowles London Car Accident

Beyonce Knowles And Jay Z Escape Injury In Car Crash. (photo credit: current movie reviews)

Allegedly, when Beyonce opened her car door, a taxi which witnesses claimed to have come out of nowhere, ripped off the car door. Fortunately, the star was not injured but was reportedly visibly shaken by the incident.

Beyonce and Jay-z were given a replacement car after the accident and they proceeded to the restaurant. Further reports indicate that Beyonce looked well and was obviously doing good after the incident.

Leaving your car door open after parking it is not only potentially dangerous for motorcycles  and bicyclists who may run into it, occupants who may get off the vehicle while on the busy street are likewise in danger.

Before opening your car door or getting out, make sure you check the road both ways before going out. If you recklessly open your car door, you may hit an incoming motorist and if you haphazardly get off without checking if a vehicle is close, you can also get hurt.


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