Ben Affleck Leaves Apology Note after Hitting Parked Car

Side-swerved carLast Saturday, the ‘Argo’ director and star, Ben Affleck reportedly knocked off a side mirror of a parked car in Los Angeles, California.

According to news reports, the paparazzo who witnessed the incident saw Affleck. The paparazzo then took photo as well of the brief apology note left by the actor/director to the owner of the damaged car.

Allegedly, the Hollywood A-list celeb had just came from McDonald’s with his two kids, Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3, when the incident occurred.

Others speculated that Affleck was probably distracted by his kids while driving. On the other hand, celebrity news site TMZ theorized that probably the Oscar-winning actor/director was daydreaming about his thank you speech at the Oscars when he accidentally side-swiped a side mirror of a parked Honda car.

Nevertheless, being apologetic enough, the 40-year-old actor/director left a quick note on the car, which was quoted below:

“Hi, I knocked off your mirror! VERY sorry! Will cover everything. –Ben.”

Affleck also provided his contact number.

Apparently, Affleck left the incident without even having a single word with the unknown owner of the Honda. Police weren’t also called to assist. However, nobody could say that it was a hit-and-run, since the actor-director left a note informing the owner of the damaged vehicle about the embarrassing incident.

Obviously, Affleck didn’t have any intention of skipping from his liability because if he did, he had all the time to flee from the scene without anyone knowing that it was him who knocked the car’s side mirror. Therefore, a Los Angeles injury lawyer was pretty impressed with his sincerity.

Moving on, based on statutes, in case of a car accident, the driver who caused the accident should not leave the scene without exchanging info with the other driver.

However, in Affleck’s case, although he was not able to chat with the other driver, he at least left a note with his contact details so that the other driver could reach him to settle the damage inflicted by the incident.


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