Avatar Star Zoe Saldana Helps an Elderly Woman from a Vehicle Accident

vehicle accidentThe Avatar movie star, Zoe Saldana, recently helped an elderly woman from a wrecked vehicle along Culver City, California. Reportedly, Saldana witnessed the accident involving an elderly woman whom she assisted.

According to people who witnessed the incident, Saldana rushed to the elderly woman who sustained personal injuries from the vehicle accident. Saldana accompanied the injured but conscious woman from the car to the curb and immediately called 911. Witnesses have added that Saldana looks so genuinely concerned at the old woman.

Saldana even managed to return to the woman’s car to pick up the latter’s hand bag and sweater.

After Saldana and a by-stander sat with the bloodied woman at the sidewalk the Good Samaritan actress waited for the paramedics to arrive and made sure that the woman was alright before getting back to her car and leaving the scene.

Witnesses have further added that Saldana was so nice and caring to the old woman. A spokesperson from Saldana didn’t give any comments regarding the incident.

No further information has been given about the accident but definitely, an investigation regarding the same is under way. And since the old woman looks helplessly injured, she may consider consulting an accident lawyer to determine if she has the right to file for a personal injury claim.

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