Another Year, But Still the Same Battle for Lindsay Lohan – Car Accident Claim

car accident

While the 25 – year old Lindsay Lohan was still currently completing a community service sentence as a part of her sentence for breaking the provision related to her DUI case in2007, however the young actress was yet again involved in a car accident this year.

Another year had begun but for Lohan, it would be probably be the same after getting involved in a car mishap and being sued in court.

A paparazzi photographer would now be suing the troubled actress after he was ran over by Lohan’s car while he was taking photos of the actress after she was seen leaving a Hollywood club in Los Angeles a couple of years ago.

Allegedly, though the car was driven by Lohan’s assistant, Lohan was the one directing the car towards Grigor Balyan.

In his personal injury lawsuit, Balyan is claiming that the said car accident left him with orthopedic and neurological injuries. His lawsuit is claiming for a reasonable compensation.

According to Balyan’s Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, Balyan first attempted to make a settlement with Lohan’s car accident insurance company but it only made an inconsiderable offer.

Hearing Lohan getting involved in a car accident is no longer new. Last year the star was riding shot gun when another car crashed into a Hollywood Hotel wall and in 2007, the actress spent months battling in court with charges of driving under the influence.

Over the recent years, Lohan had been troubled by various charges stemming from DUI and other car accident claims. Los Angeles injury Attorneys would have no power preventing their clients from reckless individuals.


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