Amanda Bynes Pleads Not Guilty to 2 Hit-and-run Charges

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On her first arraignment last Thursday in a Los Angeles court, troubled Hollywood actress Amanda Bynes entered her not guilty plea to two charges of hit-and-run through her legal representative, Atty. Richard Hutton.

The two misdemeanor charges stemmed from her April 6 and August 4 hit-and-run car accidents. Each charge imposes a maximum sentence of six months in jail and/or a $1,000.00 monetary relief for each count.

Meanwhile, instead of attending her first arraignment, Bynes preferably went shopping in New York.

Consequently, Commissioner Rebecca Omens of Van Nuys set the next court hearing on October 19. Moreover, the actress was required to obey all laws, and was ordered not to drive. In addition, Bynes will be officially booked within 48 hours of the next court date.

Accordingly, Bynes retired from acting and now considers launching a fashion line in New York, wherein she was spotted hanging out since last weekend. Allegedly, Bynes claimed that she was tired of being followed by paparazzi in Los Angeles..

Moreover, New York is a city that offers public transportations that are readily available. Therefore, it is indeed perfect for the 26-year-old actress since she is no longer allowed to take the wheels. In this event, motorists and pedestrians will no longer have to worry too much for their own safety while on the road.

Incidentally, just a few days before Bynes left L.A., reports claimed that her car has been impounded by traffic enforcers after she was charged with two counts of driving on suspended license the same day.

Nevertheless, according to a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, Bynes could still possibly have a plea bargaining agreement during her future court appearance despite her previous road mishaps.


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