Amanda Bynes Figures in another Car Crash

Amanda Bynes, the young actress who was said to be going after Lindsay Lohan’s footsteps when it comes to car misfortune, was again involved in a car accident.

According to reports, the actress swiped a car last Friday night just near the intersection of Crescent Heights and Melrose Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. However, Bynes seemingly wasn’t aware that she had sideswiped the vehicle that she passed by.

Bynes pursued driving until she reached a gas station wherein she finally realized that the driver of the vehicle she just sideswiped had been following her Range Rover, along with the six police cars that responded to the victim’s call.

Bynes was pulled over by the police but upon seeing the minimal damage incurred by the actress’ vehicle, authorities believed that it could really be possible that the actress really did not feel the mishap occurred.

The Los Angeles Police Department said that Bynes has been cooperative with the situation; in fact, she and the driver eventually exchanged information. Fortunately, Bynes did not receive any citation resulting from the incident, since no one sustained personal injury aside from the damages that Bynes and the driver had already discussed about. Therefore, authorities said that there is no need for further investigation regarding the road misfortune.

Bynes was still fortunate since no one was hurt from the said car accident. Car accidents can really be devastating for both the victim and the responsible party since recovery, as well as compensation, seems so hard to earn. Victims should have to mount a solid proof during the litigation, while the responsible party like Bynes should raise a strong defense to free herself from the lawsuit. In case of litigation, both parties should have their best Los Angeles personal injury attorneyto help them defend their case.


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