Actress Regina King to Face Personal Injury Charges for Her 2010 Car Accident

Southland star, Regina King was once involved in a car accident on a highway in California. And now she is being sued for that.

Regina King is an American actress in both film and television. She began her acting career on 1985. After a series of movie and television appearance, in 1996, she finally gained her popularity in the hit film Jerry Maguire. The film brought general recognition to King. King is also known for dubbing the lead character of the cartoon series “The Boondocks”. She is also the starring actress in the current television series – Southland.

Kings’ career which she established for quite long years hopefully will not be affected with such simple personal injury charges against her.

The car accident which involved King actually happened more than a year ago and now one Daina Quinones is suing her for the said accident. In Quinones’ lawsuit against King, she is seeking for more than $25,000 for personal injury claim and other damages.

Quinones claims in the lawsuit that King noticed the slowing down traffic ahead but King failed to reduce her vehicle speed. As a result of which, King’s car violently crashed at the back of Quinones’ car.

Allegedly, Quinones’s car obtained major damages and needed a lot of repairs and replacement after the car crash. Quinones also sustained minor injuries from the incident and immediately seek for medical treatment thereafter.

According to reports, the California Highway Patrol also attested that one major factor for the said accident was King’s vehicle speeding.

California has been ranked in 2006 as number one (1) state in the country for having its most number of car accidents. Out of 42,642 fatal car accidents in US, 4,236 of it came from California. On 2009, 426,228 road accidents in California have been recorded which produced 163,524 injuries.

Hopefully, Regina King would be able to find the best California car accident lawyer to help her to be free from all her charges stemming from her said 2010 car accident.

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