2 World Renowned Chefs Killed in Car Accident

Photo gives credit to the original owner, AFP / Getty Images.

Recent reports said that two world renowned international chefs were killed in a tragic car accident last week during their promotional tour in Hong Kong.

As reported, the Hong Kong Police Force identified the two victims of a tragic car crash last November 19. Police investigations confirmed that the victims were from Heston Blumenthal’s famous British restaurant, The Fat Duck.

Carl Magnus Lindgren, 30, and Ivan Aranto Herrera Jorge, 34, were both passengers of a taxi cab when the same was crushed between two giant buses.

Initial investigation revealed that the driver of the other bus lost his consciousness for a few seconds and  careened downhill, struck two cars, and then crossed into another lane before crushing the taxi into another bus.

Consequently, the taxi cab was totally wrecked while the two chefs were pronounced dead shortly despite being rushed to a nearby hospital. The taxi driver was also killed in the incident.

In addition, aside from the three deaths, some 56 people, including the driver of the other bus, a 7-month-old baby, and a 90-year-old were injured.

Apparently, the driver of the first bus was primarily blamed for the incident. Therefore, he was arrested thereafter for dangerous driving that resulted in deaths. However, he was later released upon paying his bail.

Apparently, the two chefs were having a promotional tour in Hong Kong when the incident occurred, according to The Fat Duck’s head chef, Jonny Lake.

Following the tragic death of the two famous chefs, messages of condolences started to pour in on social media sites from the international food community all over the world. Also, although they were continents apart, a Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer herein sympathized with the family and friends of the decedents since he believed that the two were indeed legends in their industry.


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