“Reading Rainbow” Host LeVar Burton’s Car Damaged by Cop in Minor Fender-Bender

The “Reading Rainbow” legendary host LeVar Burton’s car was reportedly damaged by a cop’s car as the latter was trying to pull over the television host.

According to the California law enforcements, the legendary host was caught violating a traffic law. Allegedly, Burton failed to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk in Van Nuys, California. Therefore, the authorities follow Burton’s car signaling him to pull over.

As Burton pulled to the side of the road, he suddenly stopped while the cop’s car failed to immediately come to a full stop. As a result of which, the cop’s patrol car that was following him struck his car from behind.

According to police report, the damage incurred by Burton’s car is minor and just to one corner.

Witnesses said that apparently, the story goes better for two probable reasons — it’s either because Burton got out of car and was actually wearing a “Reading Rainbow” shirt or the cops didn’t give him the original ticket.

Despite the accident that happened, Burton remains to be positive, saying that the accident that occurred was among the one in a million car accidents that happen almost every day. Fortunately, no one got hurt in the said accident.

Usually, car accidents occur as a result of negligence and misdemeanor. The drivers’ failure to follow the traffic rules and to observe proper care in operating their cars makes them more prone to mishaps. However, in Burton’s case, obviously, a natural force of nature called momentum is a factor to the incident.

A Los Angeles injury lawyer speculated that it could be more likely that the cop tried to stop promptly to avoid hitting Burton’s car but apparently, it was too late already or could be impossible for him to avoid the collision that is why he struck Burton’s car.


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