‘Nashville’ Star Beats Red Light, Collides with another Car

Photo gives credit to Carlos Diaz / INF.

Recent reports claimed that ‘Nashville’ star Hayden Panettiere was recently involved in a scary car crash after she ran a red light in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to news reports, the incident occurred earlier last month but the news about it broke out only recently.

As reported, Panettiere was driving on the right lane through an intersection when another car made an unsafe left turn towards her instead of the opposite direction. As a result of which, the car crashed into the actress’ car and both vehicles were towed from the scene thereafter.

Fortunately, both drivers were left unscathed and no other people were involved in the incident.

Media sources claimed that several witnesses affirmed that Panettiere was seen beating a red light just before the incident. However, it was not clearly determined whether either of the two drivers was cited for the incident.

In her Twitter account, Panettiere thanked the Nashville police for quickly responding to the scene. She did not mention details of the accident, though.

Incidentally, the singer/model/actress was filming her hit show which was named after Nashville. In fact, it has already been her breakout show in the U.S. considering that it only debuted last October.

Looking through her past television and big screen appearances, Panettiere has done a remarkable job in her acting career as well as in her modeling and singing stints.

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