Rapper Lil Kim Recovering in Neck Braces after Car Crash

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After fortunately surviving a car accident, rapper Li’l Kim will be in a neck brace in the next few weeks according to reports.

Last week, the rapper took Twitter and broke the news about her minor car crash that left her injured due to whiplash.

“Hi My Luvs. I’m ok minor car accident that left me w/ whip Lash now I’m stuck wearing this stupid brace 4 a week and a half but I’ll be fine,” she tweeted.

She also thanked her fans and followers for the prayers and support, In her own words she said: “thank u all for ur prayers and support I Luv u all God is Great ! #mykillerbeehive”

Recent reports claim that Lil Kim will be wearing her neck brace for the next three weeks and a half.

Just a few days before the minor car accident, Li’l Kim made a surprising appearance at the Hot 97 Summer Jam at Metlife Stadium. Since then, rumors have it that the 38-year-old rapper possibly had a plastic surgery due to her very different new look. She subsequently dismissed the idea that she has gone under the knife through her twitter account.

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