Rap Superstar Crashed His Car to Escape Gunfire

The 37th birthday celebration of rap superstar Rick Ross was probably one of his unforgettable and tragic ones after he was showered with stray bullets on his way home.

Recent reports claimed that the rapper was forced to crash his own car to escape gunfire and run for his life.

As reported, Ross was targeted with dozens of bullets from drive-by shooters the morning after he celebrated his 37th birthday at a night club in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami.

Fortunately for him, Ross managed to crash his Rolls-Royce safely into a building to escape absolute death. He was with a friend when the shooting incident occurred. They were both left unscathed following the car crash but it is another story for his four wheels.

So far, no arrest has been made since the suspects have not been identified. Meanwhile, the authorities are still searching for the gunman or gunmen who fled the scene after the shooting.

Further news reports revealed that weeks before the incident, Ross was allegedly receiving threats from a local street gang called Black Disciples, who was said to be upset after Ross’ unpleasant reference to its leader, Larry Hoover in his track B.M.F. (blowing money fast). In fact, the rapper had already cancelled two of his shows in December and did the same effort on the rest of his tour after he continuously received similar death threats from the street gang.

Nevertheless, despite the said threats, there is no strong evidence yet that would link its members to the incident so far.

At present, while the investigation is in progress, experts advised Ross to hire more security since the shooting rampage has not been resolved and a Los Angeles auto accident lawyer here likewise agreed.

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