Lindsay Lohan Receives Sentence For June Car Crash

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Lindsay Lohan avoids jail time

On Monday, March 18, Lindsay Lohan avoided eight months of jail time for an automobile accident she had in June of 2012, in which her Porsche rear-ended  a truck. At the time of the accident, she reportedly lied to the police, claiming that her assistant was driving the vehicle at the time. Nevertheless, the troubled actress was charged with reckless driving and was sentenced to 90 days of rehab, in which she will not be able to enter or leave the premises. Additionally, she was ordered to do 30 days of community service as well as to receive 18 months of psychological counseling. She also must pay several hundred dollars in court fees and fines, as well as restitution to the victim. Although she was sentenced in Los Angeles, she will be able to serve her community service in New York City, where she is currently working.

Not Lindsay Lohan’s first time in legal trouble

Lohan is no stranger to legal problems; in fact, she is still serving probation for stealing a necklace valued at $2500 in early 2011. She escaped a jail term because the charge was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. Ms. Lohan also has a history of substance abuse, and has been in and out of court since 2007. She spent at least five times in rehab; however, she is still struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.

No more second chances

According to the judge, Lindsay Lohan will receive no second chances if she violates her probation again. Additionally, she was ordered not to drive — the judge told her that she will have no problem complying, as she is currently working in New York City and does not require a car.

What is next for Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay Lohan does not have to attend any more hearings as long as she remains in compliance with her sentence. However, her legal team is required to attend a compliance hearing on May 2, and they will be required to provide a progress report on the actress’ psychological counseling, as well as proof that she is attending an in-patient rehabilitation program. A hearing will be set for her community service after she completes her rehab.

Lindsay Lohan has had many chances to stay out of trouble, only to end up in court again. If she fails to comply with her sentence, she will end up in jail. For more information on this topic, check out this St. Louis car injury attorney.

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