Hollywood Celebs from Fame to Shame after DUI Auto–Accidents

It is very common for us to see ordinary people roaming around the city drunk driving. But seeing your favorite Hollywood star on a road mishap could be a bit awkward.

Drunk driving is the most common traffic offence for all drivers and even celebrities, too. Most celebrities who were caught drunk driving can be said to be trading their fame to shame after being involved in auto-accidents.

Here are some of the famous celebrities who inadvertently opted to wear jail shirts rather than their elegant fashion clothes:

•    Lindsay Lohan – The previous years have been harsh to Lohan. She has been flooded with consecutive complaints arising from her drunk driving. She has been into jail twice and into the rehab for similar charges.

•    Michelle Rodriguez – The actress has been arrested for drunk driving violations in 2003 in Hollywood Boulevard and in 2005 again in Hawaii.

•    Kiefer Sutherland – While serving his parole, the man was arrested again for the second time around for drunk driving in 2007. Aside from the DUI charges, he also violated his parole policy; thus, the same brought him back to jail for 48 days.

•    Vince Neil – The former band vocalist not only joined the growing list of motorcycle owners but as well as the increasing numbers of arrested celebrities involving drunk drivers in 2010.

•    Gary Collins – Due to his drunk driving, Collins was arrested after crashing his vehicle with another car, which left one dead last 2006. Three years later, he was again arrested for the same offense – drunk driving.

•    Mel Gibson – Gibson has been also arrested twice for drunk driving and, like Lohan, it’s been some rough years for him after he was flooded with different complaints aside from drunk driving.

•    Paris Hilton – The socialite is not an exemption on this list. She and Lohan seem like competing for the most numbers of auto accidents.

More often, we see celebrities as icons, people to look at as role models in the society. But, if this is always the case, would you still consider making them an inspiration?

Drunk driving is one of the major causes of road mishaps in any states in US. Based on statistics, more than 6 million cases of auto accidents have been recorded by the government as a whole. Unfortunately, drunk driving is a great contributor to these said annual figures.

Such big celebrities should set an example to their diehard fans instead of being bad role models. Though defenders like an auto accident attorney is easy to obtain for such influential personalities, they shouldn’t let shame cover up their fame.


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