2013 Thanksgiving Day Safety Tips

Thanksgiving Day Safety Tips

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since Thanksgiving Day is just a few days away, everybody in Los Angeles seems overwhelmed and overly excited for the upcoming feast.


Generally, people from all walks of life, even our Hollywood celebrities, always find time to get along with their family and friends on this special occasion to celebrate and give thanks.


Thus, our group of elite car accident lawyers in Los Angeles wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Also, they want to remind everyone to put safety first while enjoying the feast.


See some tips to stay safe behind the wheel throughout the long weekend:


Don’t drink and drive

Usually, parties are everywhere during the Thanksgiving Day. It may seem fun to have a few drinks. But once you’ve had enough of alcohol in your system, it is absolutely safer to leave your car and call a cab or designate someone who won’t be drinking to drive you home. It pays well to plan ahead before taking your first shot. Remember, based on statistics, Thanksgiving is one of the deadliest days on the road.


Buckle up

So personally, you aren’t drunk or sober while behind the wheel. But you aren’t still guaranteed that you’ll be a hundred-percent safe on the road since a lot of drunk drivers could be possibly challenging the traffic laws. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry. Always wear your seatbelt. According to recent statistics, about 70 percent of all injuries and fatalities during Thanksgiving weekend are caused by the injured parties not wearing seatbelts.


Have a re-route plan

For many, Thanksgiving, which usually starts as early as Wednesday, is an extremely busy weekend to travel. As always, expect traffic jams, long delays on airports and freeways. As you anticipate the said circumstances, plan ahead of time. It is either you make a re-route or make your travel schedule accordingly.


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